The first “swell” of the season is anticipated in Palmar

Previsones de olas en el palmar

After a summer with waves typical of this season, perfect for getting started or for the little ones to enjoy, it seems that the first “swell” of the season is coming forward.

Today, September 5, the arrival of a wave is expected that, although it is not very consistent, since it will last between 2 and 3 days with waves of 0.3 to 0.7 meters, arriving with a very direct direction towards our coasts Cádiz and with high periods of between 12 and 17 seconds, it is expected that it will leave us with good strong waves, and that there will be some swims with waves that exceed one meter.

So friends, it seems that we can finally put away the corks to finally wax our favorite boards and also cross our fingers that, since last July it was confirmed that the “EL Niño” phenomenon that due to the unusual warming of the waters of the Pacific, causes greater instabilities in the Atlantic, bringing us many and consistent swells as usually happens when “El Niño” acts.

Good waves!

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