Initiation surf lessons at El Palmar, Cadiz

Initiation surfing lessons in El Palmar

If you've never tried surfing, have given it a shot on your own a couple of times, or took a short course some time ago but want to refresh your basics, this is the right level for you. We´ll spend more time on surf theory in this initial class as we need to cover everything from an introduction to surfing and waves, safety, and so on, to do a proper pop-up on the board and riding it. You'll also have plenty of time to enjoy the water and catch your first waves.

Lessons for adults and young surfers in el Palmar

Lessons for young surfers in el Palmar


What would my first surf lesson be like?

The first thing you should know is that surfing can be one of the most challenging sports in the world: every wave is different, the wave moves, the board moves, you have to align the seven stars to catch a wave and ride it for the first time! But don't get discouraged; we're here to assist you in this wonderful process of learning how to surf.

The first surf lesson is broadly structured into three parts:

  1. The toretical introduction to surfing, safety, and basic technical concepts of surfing.
  2. The toretical-practical part on the beach, where we practice what we've learned in theory.
  3. The practical part in the water where the instructor accompanies us and guides us at all times, helps us, directs us, provides feedback after each wave, and expands our goals as we progress.

We set our own goal for our first day, although we all want to stand up on the board right away, the primary goal should be to have fun and enjoy our first experience with surfing.

  • Introduction

    After introducing ourselves, we will explain in detail the class process and what our objectives are for the day. We will cover some basic notions about the sea and waves and discuss the current conditions we will encounter during the session.

  • Getting familiar with surfing

    We will briefly go over the surfing disciplines, basic terms and concepts, water etiquette, and priority rules. We'll also show you what a surfboard looks like, its fins, wax, and leash – the essential equipment we use every time we go in the water.

  • Safety Warnings

    Security is paramount, and we must not forget that we are practicing an adventure sport. From the very first day, we will explain the priorities and rules of surfing, the currents, how to handle falls or 'wipeouts', equipment control, and how to interact with other surfers, safety signals, etc.

  • Theory on Basic Surfing Skills

    We will discuss how to enter the ocean, how to position ourselves and paddle on the board, the timing in surfing, and how to catch the first white water and waves while lying down. We will then move on to standing up, the sliding position, and how to re-enter the ocean, all while demonstrating these techniques on your board on the beach to facilitate later practical application.

  • Practice in the sea

    And now, it's time to put what we've learned into action. This is the moment to practice, unleash our enthusiasm, and exercise patience. The first few days are the most fun; everything is new, and you'll achieve your goals quickly. The instructors will be with us every step of the way, guiding us on the waves, correcting mistakes, cheering us on, and keeping us motivated. Whether you manage to ride a wave lying down or standing up all the way to the shore, what matters most is that you will have enjoyed it and will be eagerly anticipating your next surf session of the year.

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