Surf courses for children

Surf courses for children in El Palmar

At our school, we take pride in offering surf lessons specifically designed for children aged 6 and above. Our primary focus is ensuring the safety of young surfers, and we work diligently to identify the most suitable sea conditions that allow for a safe and exhilarating experience.

From our inception, we have developed a unique and exclusively tailored pedagogical method for children. We place paramount importance on three fundamental aspects in each session: safety, fun, and learning. We believe that these elements are crucial to ensure that children feel comfortable and motivated in the water while acquiring essential skills for their development.

The contact with the water not only provides them with the opportunity to learn how to surf but also enriches their psychomotor education. This experience is highly enjoyable and beneficial to their growth, as it helps improve their balance, coordination, and physical endurance. Furthermore, it fosters their confidence and self-esteem, contributing to their overall development.

In summary, at 9 Pies surf school, we are committed to the safety and well-being of children while providing them with an educational, exciting, and enriching experience in the water. We are eager to help your children discover the thrilling world of surfing and develop valuable skills that will accompany them throughout their lives.


  • Surf courses in El Palmar for Children (6-8 years)

    Surf courses at El Palmar for Children (6-8 years)from 35€


  • Surf courses in El Palmar for Children

    Surf courses at El Palmar for Children (9-14 years)from 30€


  • Intermediate surf course in El Palmar for children

    Intermediate surf course at El Palmar for children


  • Advanced surf course in El Palmar for children

    Advanced surf course at El Palmar for children



Frequently Asked Questions About Surfing for Kids

  • From what age can children participate in a surf class?

    From 8 years old would be an appropriate age to start surfing. Between 9 and 14 years old we make groups of 6 per monitor maximum.

  • Is surfing suitable for children?

    Children are more autonomous in the water and have greater coordination than older children. We organize very dynamic classes with games and we try to get the kids to interact, we adapt to their abilities so that they enjoy it to the fullest, it is an activity that they love, very fun, we introduce dynamics that teach respect for the sea and the environment and an education in values in addition to learning surfing.

  • Is the surf class safe for children?

    Between 9 and 14 years old we make groups of 6 per monitor maximum. Sometimes, so that children between 6 and 8 years old can have their first experience with surfing, if the sea conditions are suitable, we organize small groups of 3 children per instructor.

Surfing for Kids: Discover the amazing benefits of children's surfing

Surfing for kids is not just a fun activity; it also offers physical, mental, and social benefits that contribute to the overall development of the little ones. Explore how surfing can enrich your children's lives and how this exciting water activity can be an invaluable tool for their growth.

  • Comprehensive physical development for kids

    Surfing involves a unique combination of strength, balance, and coordination, providing a complete physical exercise for children. From paddling to maintaining balance on the board, every aspect of surfing contributes to the overall physical development of the little surfers.

  • Fostering balance and child coordination

    Balancing on a moving board significantly enhances children's balance and coordination skills. These skills transfer to other daily activities, contributing to a more robust physical development.

  • Building child confidence

    Achieving the feat of standing on the waves is a significant accomplishment for kids. This repeated success in the water builds children's confidence and self-esteem, laying the foundation for healthy self-confidence.

  • Development of patience and persistence

    Surfing teaches kids the importance of patience while waiting for the perfect wave and persistence when facing challenges in the water. These skills are essential for personal growth and resilience.

  • Connection with nature for kids

    Surfing introduces kids to the fascinating world of the ocean and the beach, promoting an appreciation for the environment. Exposure to the outdoors and the serenity of the ocean contributes to the mental well-being of young surfers.

  • Child socialization and teamwork

    Surfing is a group activity that encourages socialization and teamwork. By sharing the excitement of catching waves and celebrating achievements, children develop strong social bonds with other young surfers.

Prepare them for holistic and fun growth!

Surfing is not just an exciting experience; it's also an invaluable tool for children's development. From improving physical skills to building confidence and promoting patience, surfing offers an enriching and educational experience. Immerse your children in this thrilling water world so they can enjoy the waves and reap all these benefits from an early age. Explore the opportunities of surfing for kids and make their growth as fun as it is educational!

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