Why choose 9Pies?

Why choose 9Pies surf school

9 Pies Surf School and Surfcamp El Palmar is the perfect place to learn to surf.


Because it's a school where the human factor is what matters, not the numbers. Here, we don't focus on statistics or rankings; we care about you and your experience in the world of surfing.

You'll find a simple and humble atmosphere in our facilities, far from stereotypes and pretensions. Our philosophy is based on authenticity and a genuine passion for surfing and nature. At 9 Feet, we work with individuals who have a true passion for surfing, which translates into passionate and personalized teaching.

Furthermore, our terms are flexible, and we are willing to adapt to your needs. We understand that each person is unique, and we strive to provide you with the best learning experience possible.

Professionalism is a fundamental part of our school. We have extensive experience in teaching surfing, making us a guarantee of quality and safety. We comply with all the licenses, permits, and certifications required in our industry, so you can enjoy surfing with complete peace of mind.

Our facilities are strategically located just 10 meters from the surf area at Palmar Beach, offering the ideal conditions for learning and practicing surfing. At 9 Feet, we invite you to join our community of surf enthusiasts and enjoy a unique and authentic experience in the thrilling world of waves.

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