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After many years of experience, we have developed our own teaching method that incorporates aspects of various methods from the leading surf countries. We take into account the conditions and circumstances of each student to then propose a progressive learning path respecting their own development process by creating experiences in the right environment in which students learn to make their decisions freely. Unlike schools and traditional work environments imposing content, we take advantage of the positive attitude with which you get to learn a sport as attractive as surfing outdoors to encourage values and human relationships.
Our method is based on 3 pillars:

  • Security: Surfing is an extreme sport that takes place in an environment in constant motion as it is the sea, which is why the safety of our students is our top priority. The student-teacher ratio is correct for sea conditions, as is the spot we chose. Our instructors are expert surfers and lifeguards with deep knowledge of the area in which we work.
  • Having fun: At 9 Pies, we are aware that when you come to surf with us, it’s during your holiday, which is when you want to disconnect yourself from the stresses of work and school. Our classes are fun, run in a friendly environment, and we know how to measure this variable: your smile is our greatest reward.
  • Learning: It is our ultimate goal, that when you finish a course with us you feel you've progressed in your surfing and knowledge of the sea.

Class structure
The class begins with a short talk in which we know the skills and conditions of each student and explain appropriate theoretical knowledge of progression depending on the level. Afterwards we do a warm-up session and practice the positions and movements for coordination, balance and flexibility before getting into the water. Most of the class is spent in the water, implementing the acquired knowledge and having fun in continuous and close teacher-student feedback. At the end we do a little review of doubts and feelings about the session. We perform a stretching session after getting out of the water to teach you how take care of your body. All this keeping in mind that our playing field is the sea, so we value the knowledge of the environment and its dynamics, which are fundamental to a surfer.

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