9Pies surfing and the environment

Surf and the environment


Surf and Nature: environmental commitment at 9Pies Surf School and Surf Camp

The relationship between surfing and nature is undeniable, a connection that goes beyond the waves and delves into the responsibility of preserving our environment. At 9Pies Surf School and Surf Camp, we are fully aware of this special relationship and strive to be active agents in environmental conservation, especially in places like El Palmar, a semi-virgin environment facing challenges in terms of planning and infrastructure.

Our passion for surfing goes hand in hand with a solid commitment to respect and care for the nature that provides us with our playground: the beach. We believe it is essential not only to enjoy the waves but also to contribute to their preservation. In this regard, we focus on three fundamental pillars: knowing, keeping clean, and protecting.


Knowing the Beach: Environmental awareness and commitment

We understand that getting to know our beach is the first step toward preservation. We teach our students, especially the younger ones, about the importance of understanding the marine ecosystem that surrounds us. From tides to local fauna, we cultivate environmental awareness so that every surfer becomes an informed guardian of their surroundings.


Keeping it clean: Reducing our environmental footprint

Cleanliness is essential for the health of our beaches. At 9Pies, we adopt sustainable practices in our daily activities and promote responsible consumption. With awareness and action, we seek to minimize our environmental footprint, from using recycled materials in our equipment to proper waste management during our activities.


Protecting it: Collaboration with environmental organizations

The protection of our beaches goes beyond our individual actions. We collaborate closely with organizations committed to marine preservation, such as Surfrider Foundation and Respect the Sea. We actively participate in their beach cleanup campaigns and spread their message of respect and conservation.


Total commitment: sustainability and respect in every wave

At 9Pies, our commitment to sustainability and respect for nature is total. We constantly seek to improve our processes and activities to ensure that each surfing experience with us is eco-friendly. From choosing suppliers committed to sustainability to implementing environmentally friendly practices, we are on a constant journey to find harmony between surfing and nature.

At 9Pies Surf School and Surf Camp, you not only learn to surf; you also learn to love and protect the ocean that provides you with that thrilling experience on the waves.

Join us on this journey towards more sustainable surfing and a more preserved nature.

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