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The La Janda coastline unfolds as a gift to the Atlantic in the west of the province of Cádiz, between the population centers of the Bay of Cádiz and the Campo de Gibraltar. This corner is a natural treasure characterized by hosting the best waves in southern Europe. In this paradise, where the sea and land embrace, picturesque towns such as Conil, Vejer, Barbate, and Tarifa come to life, giving rise to the activities of 9Pies Surf School & Surfcamp.



Where to surf on the coast of Cadiz

  • Conil de la frontera, Andalusian charm by the sea

    Conil, with its charming white streets and Andalusian atmosphere, is more than a coastal town: it is a perfect setting for surf enthusiasts. Its beaches offer perfect waves for all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers.

  • Vejer de la frontera, Historical beauty with unique waves

    Vejer, with its historical architecture and cobbled streets, is not only a delight for the eyes but also for surfers. Discover the unique waves that caress its shores and immerse yourself in the perfect combination of history and surf.

  • Barbate, Between waves and maritime tradition

    Barbate, with its deep maritime tradition, offers not only challenging waves but also the essence of marine life. Explore the beaches that welcome surfers from around the world while diving into the rich local culture.

  • Tarifa, The paradise of wind and waves

    Tarifa, known as the wind paradise, is an iconic destination for kitesurfing and surfing enthusiasts. With expansive beaches and constant winds, Tarifa is the jewel of La Janda that you cannot miss.


When to surf on the coast of cadiz

  • For experienced surfers: the most consistent time is from October to April, with January and February having the most days that you'll find waves.
  • For intermediate surfers, from September to June are good conditions
  • For beginners: throughout the year there are suitable waves for learning to surf


Weather and surf equipment

Something which sets us apart from other areas of the peninsula is the mild weather we have most of the year. In December, January and February a 4/3 wetsuit is sufficient, while in October, November, March, April and May a 3/2 is warm enough. In June, July, August and September you can surf in a swimsuit or surf shorts.


Surfboards and waves

In summer, except for some isolated days, the waves are small and not very powerful, so you could use a longboard or a board with volume.
The rest of the year you can find waves of over two meters on the best days, but usually you’ll be fine if you bring a board with which you feel comfortable in waves of half a meter to a meter and a half. Also, contrary to what many people think, if you are looking for powerful, hollow waves you can also find them in Cadiz.


Locals and overcrowding

Surfing in Cadiz has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. The good days are usually quite full, and obviously more festive when it’s sunny, but when it gets really serious, many people clear out.
In many cases, respect for the basic rules of surfing are absent. Although, if you are someone who rises early and goes looking for less crowded spots, you sure to find your reward.
There are a few critical spots where you can have serious problems if you go in, but in the vast majority of cases, as in most of the world, if you use common sense, you can surf without any complications.


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