Intermediate level surfing lessons at el Palmar, Cadiz

Intermediate level surf lesson at el Palmar

If you already know the basics, riding on white water and you want to move ahead then this is your level.


Intermediate level sufing lessons at el Palmar

surf lessonsIntermediate level at el Palmar




How a surfing Intermediate level class works

  • Formation of the waves

    the factors that influence them, types of breaks.

  • Materials

    types of surfboards

  • Description of surf spots

    in the area that are adequate to your level.

  • Catching waves

    as they break

  • Improve basic manoeuvring

    techniques: paddling, take off and bottom turn, positioning in frontside/backside

  • Technical concepts

    ways to pass by waves (duck dive and turtle roll), riding the wall of a wave

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