Javi, surf instructor 9 Pies

Surf Instructor coordinator


One of the legend surfers in the all cadiz cost got into our 9pies family.

He has been really close to us during the last 3 seasons sharing with him amazing surf moments.

Javi Panés left behind his comercial and sales job to do what he like the most, show kids and adults how to catch a wave.
Surf instructor with ISA certification, He is also qualified in first aid. He has been practicing surf since his childhood for over 25 years building him self with a lot of experience after been surfing in places as Portugal, Canarias Islands, north Spain and France.
Original from Chiclana, he is the “la Laja Surf Club” president, first surfing club founded in Cadiz province. He is been organiser of a lot of kind of event and competitions.

His big experience together with his knowledge about el Palmar beach make a plus in the treat and confidence he give to his students.
His knowledge of every single spot in the area we can highlight his  patience, determination and pleasure as keys to his success in his classes.

Warning: he can make you a surf addict !!!

Javier Panes Pando
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