9Pies ,DHD Official Store

13 Mar
9Pies ,DHD Official Store

We are working hard on offer you best surf equipment on the market.  In that way we manage to bring to southern spain one of the best world surfboards brands in collaboration with our Wind Paradise friends
Since the 80`s DHD is been shaping boards with hand made precision for best tour riders in the world such as Mick Fanning, Matt Willkinson, Owen Wright or Stephanie Gillmore and also best free riders in continue progression as Asher Pacey or Kyuss King among others.
From hughe catalogue this australian company has in PU we can find developed models for pro riders, Core Series to get high performance on you everyday surfing,  boards to take with you to your dream surf trips and other line focussed on summer waves.In this innovation proces soon we will have avaiable a wide range of EPS models.
In our 9Pies shop we provide special personal advice to help you find your magic board from more than 200 in stock in store within 24h with option to order custom models

Asher Pacey Twin fin

Surf Camp Pack in Cadiz, Andalusia

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