How to measure waves

19 Nov
 How to measure waves

Height of waves is an issue of eternal discussion between surfers
Same wave could be  in Canary Islands two feet, in spanish north coast four feet and in Cádiz six feet. Everything depends on the eye of the beholder, and surf is likely to be excessive
Some people prefer size waves by the wall, meanwhile others do it back side and the result change a lot from one method to another. A good way to do it is considering the body: knee high, shoulder high, overhead.....everything works to try explain your friends how good it was before they arrive ;)
At our surfschool we receive thousands of calls asking for conditions and waves size; It´s difficult to answer because what is good for you is not for your neightbour, and understand high of the waves and if it´s worth for you the trip to the beach is risky as we saw above
Surfing depends on subjetive sensations and allways has a surprise element we hope never change, if technology allow us
Small or big....good waves¡

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