Where to Surf when the waves in El Palmar are too big?

21 Nov
big waves in El Palmar

El Palmar stands out as the beach with the most surfable days per year in Andalusia. While it attracts sea enthusiasts, the El Palmar waves can sometimes be too big or disorderly.


Explore the best surfing alternatives near El Palmar, Andalusia

Here, we present nearby options to enjoy surfing under optimal conditions, especially outside the summer season.


Los Caños de Meca: Surf for all levels

When the waves in El Palmar are imposing and the wind is favorable (west or north), the beach at Faro de Trafalgar offers more moderate waves. Just 10 minutes from our school, this spot requires bringing your own equipment as there are no rental services. Parking available, with a 5-minute walk to the point. The waves here are ideal for voluminous boards, and although the bottom is rocky, entry is safe for those with advanced skills who understand surfing etiquette.


Playa del Carmen de Barbate: Perfect waves for beginners

If the waves in El Palmar are too big and you have little experience, the beach in Barbate is an excellent alternative. Protected from strong west winds, it offers smaller and organized waves. About 20 minutes from our school, this place is ideal for those who are still getting familiar with surfing in smoother waters. Easy parking available, but remember to bring your own equipment.


Conil de la frontera: Variety for every taste

The beaches of Fontanilla and Roqueo in Conil de la frontera are a smart choice when El Palmar is crowded or the waves are too intense. A 10-minute drive from our school, these beaches offer softer, less vertical waves, allowing for an easier entry. As in other places, it's necessary to rent equipment in El Palmar if you don't have your own. Ample parking in front of the waves for added convenience.


Fuente del Gallo: Smoothness in every wave

A bit farther, the beach of Fuente del Gallo features milder conditions than El Palmar. Here, intermediate and advanced surfers can enjoy both right and left waves. Ideal for those seeking variety and a greater challenge. Remember to bring your own equipment or rent it in El Palmar.


Calas de Roche: Sheltered peaks for different conditions

On strong levante wind days, the beaches of Roche offer multiple sheltered peaks. With low tide, the waves are fast and require experience, but with high tide, the experience is more accessible. About 20 minutes from our school, parking available on the streets of the urbanization. Ideal for smaller wave conditions due to the experience required in more intense conditions.


We hope this guide is helpful for your next surfing adventure. Always respect the rules and your fellow surfers.

Have great waves!

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