What is the best time during the day to surf El Palmar?

02 Jul
What is the best time during the day to surf El Palmar

It´s a common question in our school. It´s not a simple answer to that, but we can give you some clues
Normaly early in the morning  and late in the afternoon is when there is less people in the water, that is for sure, during the summer time , keep that on mind
Starting from that, there are several volatile factors involved 
The tide. More or less water affects a lot on the waves, and break bottom, changeable in case of El Palmar, so it will depend on each time
The wind of course everyday is different, despite there are common patterns, is difficult to make an accurate forecast
The swell force changes during the day, sometimes can get stronger than others, neither is steady, so you have to check it every day
During the summer season most of the days surfing conditions change sligthly trough the day, in the end the best option is to go straight to the beach and check the surf and choose what is the best time to get in the water, we are open from 9:00 am to 21:00h
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