The most experienced Surf School in El Palmar

16 May
The most experienced Surf School in El Palmar

At 9Pies we have been teaching surfing for two decades on the best beach in Andalusia to catch waves...
And it shows. We know how to manage your reservation effectively, look for the best tidal, wind and wave conditions at the best time with a flexibility that will be very useful for your vacations.
Our qualified teachers have extensive experience and have been selected for their aptitude and character proactive and kind.
They teach in English, some also in German and French.
Having so many students in our classes allows us to group them by different levels and ages so that you feel comfortable with other people with whom you can share an experience that can mark your relationship with the sea and sport.
We have a material tested after a long time so that it adapts to your circumstances and you get the most out of your surf class.
Our facilities are in front of the best area to learn surfing, 5 meters from the beach, with lockers where you can leave your belongings and a shower to cool off after the activity. Our way of teaching has evolved until reaching a modern compendium method of the best surf schools in the world in which through fun you learn to surf in a fast but solid way, always taking into account safety in the water. In our store you can equip yourself with everything you need to surf such as sun protection, boards, suits, fins, leashs, bodyboards, ponchos, earplugs...
and a long list of accessories that we can advise you on and that you can pay for also with card.
Choose the most experienced professionals and you will see how happy you are!

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