Other surf options when El Palmar is not good

24 Apr
Other surf options when El Palmar is not good

El Palmar is most consistent surfspot in Andalusia, but is not always best surfspot
Here you are some basic advices:
When there is a big swell and west wind you can go to Caños de Meca, lighthouse to the left beach , a wave appropiate for intermediate surfers (not right, dangerous for experienced surfers)
If swell is big enough PLaya del Carmen in Barbate is a good choice for begginers and intermediate surfers
With strong east wind El Palmar sometimes is not working, you can check Roche beach, is hidden from levante  but doesnt work with high tide
With north wind all spots around work fine, so go to a beach fits your level
In the other hand if wind is coming from south, is onshore in all coast, sometimes in Tarifa you have a chance
Remember surf under common sense, respect locals and be honest with your level, buenas olas¡

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