How to choose a good surfschool

13 Jun
How to choose a good surfschool

You want to learn to surf and several doubts come to mind. let's solve them.
It is advisable to count on professionals and attend a course at a Surf school. With the surfing boom surf schools have mushroomed and some are opportunists looking to make easy money over the summer. From our experience, we believe there are a few things you should bear in mind when choosing one:

Experience: it is important that the school is consolidated and has several years of experience teaching surf.
Permits and insurance: it is fundamental that it has a civil liability insurance and the required permits for the premises as well as the activities, in order to avoid unfair competition and comply with the current legislation.

Qualified instructors and lifeguards: instructors must have a Surf Instructor title, a lifeguard certificate and a minimum experience in the water as well as some teaching skills.

Proper materials: Wetsuits and surfboards must both be right for your level, size and the waves you are going to be surfing, apart from being in optimal conditions.
And what's most important, we hope you have a great time!

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