How to choose your surfboard

09 Feb
How to choose your surfboard

A lot of friends ask us about the best board to begin practise of surf. Usually you start receiving a surfcourse using a softboard, next step is to hire it and then if you still feel encouraged, you may decide to buy one. But  then a lot of hesitations on what type of board fits you arise
Things to keep in mind:
Nowadays there are surfboards to learn in an easy and funny way in contrast to old times. Surfboard depends on your high, weight and your phisycal condition, on how often are you going out and even on what kind of waves are you going to ride. Obviously  a busy family man living away from the sea will not have the same progression than a young school teacher sent to a coastal town. A begginer surfboard has to be 20-50 cm higher than you. Remember we use feet (30,48 cm) and inches (2,54 cm) to measure surfboards and waves.
Kinds and materials:
For kids or adults surfing from time to time it´s enough a softboard, but if you are going to surf more often it´s better an epoxy or foam surfboard. Choosing a small board is a common mistake, because although it  is easier to handle and it will probably fit better in  your car,  what you want is to have a good time in the water and for that you need a big, wide and thick board with good balance and easy paddle. A good choice to begin with is a minimalibú. A minilongboard or a evolutive surfboard will do it to improve your surfing.
Prices and where to buy:
Usually a new board will cost you not less than 300€. But you may have a limited budget, in that case you can find second hand surfboards in internet from 100€ to 200€. In our  surf shop, located in El Palmar beach, we have a good selection of second hand and new surfboards suitable to beginners and experienced surfers. We also offer best surflessons in the area.
Visit or contact  9Pies Surfschool and we´ll be pleased to give you advice on how to find the best solution adapted to your needs.

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