How is surfing in winter in El Palmar?

17 Nov
el palmar surf en invierno

Winter presents itself as the low season in Cádiz, despite being the optimal time to enjoy surfing in El Palmar. We will analyze the reasons behind this trend and why it is undergoing a significant change. Traditionally, beach vacations were associated with summer, and days off were spent on trips to the snow, mountains, or urban tourism. However, an increasing number of people with surfing experience choose El Palmar outside the summer season to refine their skills.


To progress in surfing, it is crucial to dedicate time outside the typical summer getaway. In our establishment, we have been operating year-round for many years, and we observe how other businesses, attracted by the growing influx, extend their opening periods. This ensures that you won't miss anything during your stay. Every night, we offer entertainment options for those who want to go out for a drink, for example.


The rise of telecommuting has significantly influenced this change, allowing both Spaniards and foreigners to combine surfing with work, provided there is some flexibility to organize schedules. The impressive waves, especially outside your comfort zone, can be found on our beautiful coast from October to May.


Finally, the undeniable climate change contributes to enjoying temperatures of thirty degrees in November, for example. Yesterday, there was even someone in the water without a wetsuit. Can you imagine? These are just some reasons to join our movement and participate in our surf camps or surf courses.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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