Paddle surf at El Palmar

03 Apr
Paddle surf at El Palmar

El Palmar is a beach receiving swells from atlantic, andalousian "swell magnet"
We usually have soft waves good for intermediate sup surfers. If you want to try for first time , our beach is suitable days with small waves and light wind, specially in high tide
We have avaiable several sups diferent sizes and material for rent and for our paddle surf lessons and day trips to Los Caños, Conil or Barbate
Paddle surf is a recommendable and healthy experience . It´s easier than surfing and it allowed it practise to people not so used to the ocean. Suppers have more paddleling and advantage comparing to regular surfers, so we call for common sense and respect to share waves.

Sup Conil

Surf Camp Pack in Cadiz, Andalusia

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