El Palmar, a perfect beach for surf

19 May
El Palmar, a perfect beach for surf

El Palmar is one of best beaches in Spain for surfing, here you are some reasons:
First of all, we have 330 days of sun all over the year, and this makes surf experience  more confortable.
El Palmar is mostly a sand surf spot. If you are doing a surfcourse with a certified surf school as 9Pies, with qualified surf instructors with local knowledge, is dificult to hit a rock, main fear for begginers.
Due to its orientation, El Palmar receive directly swells from atlantic, so when in others spots around Andalusia there are no waves, here they are big enough to teach surf and at the same time they are not too scary.
Another key factor is gradient of the beach, what is quite flat and it makes waves easy and long, perfect for surf students to learn the pop-up and enjoy this exciting moment

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