Waves and nice weather, autumn at El Palmar

23 Aug
Waves and nice weather, autumn at El Palmar

We also have positive consequences of climate change
Rise of sea level, extinction of animal species. ecosystem changes, meltin glaciers, stronger storms.....are just a few effects of global warming on the planet, but also rising of temperature. According to Taoism there is always a positive side, Ying-Yang. If the planet is coming to an end, we´ll be surfing in boardshorts. Last months of the year are warmer year after year, joined to swells arriving to Cadiz coast make El Palmar a surf paradise 
Our autumn surf camps are made for you to spend a surf week in one of most beatifull places arounfd the world: different levels surfcourses, material for free surf, yoga, excursion and bbq 
Recycle wastes, eat less meat, consume local product, dont use plastics....are everyday behaviors necessaries to stop our home destruction. Also surfing we know ocean, what lead us to love it and protect it
Buenas olas¡

Surf Camp Pack in Cadiz, Andalusia

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