Environmental education

Educación ambiental 9pies

Our playground is a natural environment and after many years in contact with it we have learned to love and respect it.
We live in a particularly delicate time in our relationship as human beings with the environment and we have to help protect what gives us so much energy, so it is our responsibility to transmit our knowledge about plants, animals, beaches, rocks, rivers, tides ..... the ecosystems in which we operate, as many spots where we give lessons, or surf are in National Parks or environments with great ecological value.

We are aware that we work in a paradise, which is precisely why we are here, and what attracts many of you, and it should be preserved in the best way possible. You can come with your friends, your school, your parents, your children .... to explore the natural surroundings of our school.
Also, 9Pies, in its commitment to the environment tries to instil knowledge of the environment in order to teach others to respect it either through lectures, workshops, games ....
Prices are between 2€ per person for big groups or 5€ for smaller groups (1,5 h route or workshop)
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