Yoga Classes at El Palmar, 9 Pies

Yoga lessons in El Palmar, Cádiz

Yoga and surfing not only complement each other from a physical and mental perspective but also share fundamental values. Both yoga and surfing promote a deep respect for nature and a sense of unity with the environment. Both activities encourage a connection with the water element and the importance of caring for and preserving our oceans and beaches.

Moreover, yoga provides you with tools to manage stress and anxiety, which can be especially useful in challenging situations such as facing big waves or risky situations in the sea. You will learn to stay calm and make more informed decisions, both in surfing and in daily life.

Our instructor will not only guide you in the practice of yoga but will also offer insights on how to apply the philosophy of yoga in your everyday life. You'll learn to live more mindfully, take care of your mental and physical health, and enjoy a deeper connection with yourself and the surrounding nature.

In summary, the combination of yoga and surfing will not only enhance your performance in the waves but will also provide you with an enriching experience that goes beyond physical exercise, promoting a more balanced, conscious, and harmonious life in the world around us.



  • Lesson 1h: Single 30€ / group 10€ per person
  • Four days course: Group  30€ per person

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