Los Caños de Meca, Andalusia, Spain

Faro de trafalgar
Los Caños is a town characterized by breath-taking, unspoilt nature

Los Caños, located about 8 km from our school is a place we often go, because in certain conditions it’s the perfect place to have lessons and has some spots with beautiful rocks.

Los Caños is a town of Barbate, characterized by breath-taking, unspoilt nature.

Located between the strip of Trafalgar - a natural formation topped by the historic lighthouse of Trafalgar - and the Parque Natural de las breñas y marismas de Barbate (Natural Park of forests and marshes of Barbate), and its beaches and pine forests have always attracted adventurous people with a bohemian spirit.

It takes its name from the freshwater springs that you can find from the beach known as La pequeña Lulu (The Little Lulu).
This strip of coast is dotted with rocks which are suitable for diving and you can find great waves both for beginners and experienced surfers.

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Flamenco at Las Duna´s bar
Shopping at the Hippie Market (during summer)
Trafalgar lighthouse walk
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