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Discover the wonders of surfing on the la Janda, Cadiz coastline: An adventure amidst waves and nature

The La Janda coastline unfolds as a gift to the Atlantic in the west of the province of Cádiz, between the population centers of the Bay of Cádiz and the Campo de Gibraltar. This corner is a natural treasure characterized by hosting the best waves in southern Europe. In this paradise, where the sea and land embrace, picturesque towns such as Conil, Vejer, Barbate, and Tarifa come to life, giving rise to the activities of 9Pies Surf School & Surfcamp.

This unique enclave is strategically located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and between Europe and Africa, providing its visitors with mild weather throughout the year. This idyllic climate is perfectly suited for enjoying surfing and promoting sustainable active tourism, making La Janda an incomparable destination.

When embarking on a surf trip to an unknown place, the desire to explore new spots in different environments drives us. That's why we present you with a brief guide to some of the standout beaches in La Janda. While we know that there are many more, we want you to discover these for yourself, immersing yourself in the magic that this corner has to offer.


Conil de la frontera: Andalusian charm by the sea

Conil, with its charming white streets and Andalusian atmosphere, is more than a coastal town: it is a perfect setting for surf enthusiasts. Its beaches offer perfect waves for all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers.


Vejer de la frontera: Historical beauty with unique waves

Vejer, with its historical architecture and cobbled streets, is not only a delight for the eyes but also for surfers. Discover the unique waves that caress its shores and immerse yourself in the perfect combination of history and surf.


Barbate: Between waves and maritime tradition

Barbate, with its deep maritime tradition, offers not only challenging waves but also the essence of marine life. Explore the beaches that welcome surfers from around the world while diving into the rich local culture.


Tarifa: The paradise of wind and waves

Tarifa, known as the wind paradise, is an iconic destination for kitesurfing and surfing enthusiasts. With expansive beaches and constant winds, Tarifa is the jewel of La Janda that you cannot miss.


These are just a few glimpses of what the La Janda coastline has to offer to surf enthusiasts. With its rich history, natural beauty, and perfect waves, this Andalusian corner stands as a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique experience in the world of surfing. So, Aloha! Immerse yourself in the waters of La Janda and let its waves guide you to an unforgettable adventure.

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