Surf in Tarifa

Vista del pico de Punta paloma

Generally, waves come in rather less often in Tarifa than in El Palmar due to their orientation, but when they come in, they are great. The ideal is a western swell, or even better, the south-western when there are storms in the Canary Island. Sometimes it holds the southern wind, which makes it a good choice when conditions in other places are bad.
Right next to the Tarifa Island, trench waves can give more rights and lefts and a 100m further are the balneario waves. All these waves are beach break, with a sandy bottom. They tend to be quite fast and close out, but there are great tubes on good days. When the southern and south-eastern winds are blowing, the size can be upto 4m. The color of the water is beautiful, it’s like you're in a natural pool.

With a rock bottom, you have to be careful as the waves can be very strong. Right and left hand breaks. In front of the Torre de la peña campsite, there are also great fun right and left hand breaks for the longboard and SUP.

-Punta Paloma:
A right hand point break type wave, usually very separated, better for longboarding and SUP although it can sometimes give very good, long waves. It needs a lot of swell to work and it’s better with north / north-eastern wind or no wind

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