Natural Park of forests and marshes of Barbate

Parque Natural Brena
9Pies Park

The Natural park is the closest to our school (ten minutes by car), between the towns of Barbate and Vejer, in which we schedule a lot of activities. A relatively recent creation and of small dimensions, it hides many treasures among its cliffs, pine forests and marshes.

The Breña cliff reaches over 100 meters in places such as the Torre del Tajo, from which you can enjoy spectacular views while walking in this vast pine forest .

The marshes are a prime spot for the observation of birds, as it is in an enclave of one step in the migration from the cold European winter to the milder temperatures of the African continent , and also a habitat for fish such as bass, bream and sole.

9Pies organizes routes, both on land and sea (with SUP) to explore the rich fauna of this beautiful place and to get some environmental education through workshops about unique species like hawks, chameleons, or the only bald ibis population of all EU.
In this park we also find great waves that break in a spectacular setting 

9 Pies recommend: 
Visit the beacon tower cliff
Take a walk on Little Lulu beach
Take a SUP tour around the cliffs

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