Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain

The Windy City

Tarifa is the southernmost city in Europe and a leader in sports tourism and backpacking for decades, and because of its strong winds due to its geographical location it is considered the world capital of wind- and kite surfing.

Its old typical, fortified Andalusian village with narrow streets and whitewashed houses invites you to get lost while wandering around. There is a large number and a variety of establishments run by foreigners who mostly decided to stay due to the wind, mixed up with local stores selling typical products from the region. If we add to this its rich history, beautiful beaches and natural landscapes and being the starting point for many travellers heading to Morocco, we understand why it’s so popular with tourists from around the world.

The surfing community, and in particular Stand Up Paddle practitioners, find spots that during good conditions are very popular, such as El Balneario, located in the same village.

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