Natural Park of Strait

Vista de Marruecos desde el Parque Natural del Estrecho
Between Europe and Africa

The Strait Natural Park Between Europe and Africa

The Strait Natural Park, nestled between Getares and Cabo de Gracia, stands as the southernmost gem of the European continent and is a part of the Transcontinental Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve. This maritime and terrestrial protected area offers a unique experience, seamlessly blending elements from Europe and Africa in the heart of the Gibraltar Strait.


Landscape Diversity: Coastline from Getares to Cabo de Gracia

The park's coastline is a symphony of breathtaking landscapes. From abrasion platforms and cliffs in the east of Tarifa to golden dunes and sandy beaches in the west, each corner reveals the visual richness of this protected space.


Seasonal Haven for Birds and Marine Species

In autumn and spring, the Natural Park becomes a sanctuary for countless bird species, attracting bird watchers from around the world. Moreover, its marine ecosystems harbor endangered species such as pilot whales, dolphins, orcas, sperm whales, and rorquals, providing unique opportunities for sightings from local boats in Tarifa.


A Journey Through Time: Archaeological Sites

Discovering archaeological sites, both on land and underwater within the Natural Park, unveils the historical significance of this region from prehistoric times. This rich cultural heritage, sculpted by the prevailing winds of the west and the east, adds an additional layer of fascination to the visitor's experience.


Adventure in Nature: Activities for All Tastes

Immersing oneself in the diversity of the Natural Park is possible through a variety of activities. From diving to explore marine mysteries to thrilling horseback rides, hiking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), mountain biking, climbing, and surfing, each activity allows visitors to connect with nature in a unique way.


Preserving the Marvel: A Commitment to the Future

The Strait Natural Park is not just a tourist destination; it's a shared responsibility. Exploring and enjoying this natural treasure goes hand in hand with the need to preserve it for future generations. At the intersection of Europe and Africa, this park reminds us of the importance of protecting and appreciating the natural and cultural diversity that defines our shared heritage.



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