Morocco, Africa

Sahara oasis
So close, so far

From our facilities in El Palmar we can see the coast of Morocco, and in a few short hours we can arrive in Africa - with a culture very different from Europe, but not so different from the Andalusian culture.

You can go by ferry from Tarifa or Algeciras. Northern Morocco - being in touch with our consumer lifestyle - has a lot in common with us, but as we go further south, we gradually discover that its inhabitants and their way of life are of a simplicity and an authenticity of which we have much to learn. Much could be written about Morocco.
Must-see sights include charming cities such as Chefchaouen, Fez, Larache, Meknes, Essaouira ...... its culture, cuisine, natural beauty .... everything is amazing.

As a surfing destination, Morocco is world class. From the less exotic beaches north to the unknown and unexplored Western Sahara waves, through the crowded beaches of Agadir, Morocco hosts a lot of spots where we like to occasionally organise excursions. What are you waiting for?

9 Pies recommend: 
The village of Imsouane
Azrou Cedar Forest
Roman ruins of Volubilis

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